Proimages Stop Motion Demo from Darrin Nupuf on Vimeo.

Rubin Museum – Stop-Motion Paper Animation Motion Scenes
Directed by: Peter Mattson
Created by: Peter Mattson – Teena Pugliese – Darrin Nupuf
Sound Design, Mix by:John Scearce Music by:Scot David Stewart

Palazzolo’s Tastymas – Ice Cream POP Display Animations
Created by: Darrin Nupuf
Robotic Turntable and stage development

Stop Motion Wedding Invitation
Created by: Darrin Nupuf

Motion Control Jewelry
Created by: Darrin Nupuf
Early tests of turntable and Emotimo pan and tilt system

Motion Control Miniature Sci-fi Set
Created by: Darrin Nupuf
Early pre-vis of my upcoming trailer, Drone crash scene
Original story by Darrin Nupuf

Stop Motion Puppet Test
Created by: Darrin Nupuf
Early tests of the stop motion puppets in development.


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