Sumeet Sharma and Vishakha Mishra – Stop Motion Wedding Invitation

Thanks Darrin Nupuf…for the awesome shoot and work..everybody loved your work and the video. We both were Camera conscious but you made us very comfortable and shooting this video was a lot of fun . Kudos to your creativity and professionalism. Highly Recommended – Sumeet Sharma
This project went from concept to finished video in less than a week, finding the prefect location was by far the most challenging aspect. I scouted many different places before finding a location can would cover our goals. Sumeet and Vishakha were a lot of fun to work with and that shows in our photos and final project.

The stop motion was done with a Canon 5D M11 and a 100mm prime lens, the software used was Dragon Frame and I had a trio of LED lights. Shoot was about two hours with a hour plus for setup and 3-4 hours travel and scouting.

PHOTO’S – STOP MOTION – DIRECTION (all rights reserved)

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