Indie Music has been accepted for a Kickstarter fundraiser – Help kick start an independent music and news solution!

With very little funds Darrin Nupuf and Proimages Communications has maintained this project for almost ten years. Our dedicated writers that have contributing topics for many years and it’s time to reward them! Worldwide, even the main stream media agencies are struggling to cover serious stories. Independent news is not a very profitable business model and Kickstarter offers us an alternative method of funding projects.

Here’s your chance to help fund independent music and news solution ‘for the people by the people’! Kickstarter has proven itself to be a solid resource for inventors and artists to meet collaborate and create unique visions thru crowd-funding, this is the future of the internet!

Kickstarter has established a set of rules to keep projects interesting and unique. While you cannot build another Kickstarter type project a mobile news application is perfectly acceptable. The good news is most successful Kickstarter projects, return with more new projects and updates.

Here is our plan for the Kickstarter project:

Phase one: Mobile News Application : Start date: Nov 28 2012 end Date: Jan 12 2013 :

Develop a mobile application and WordPress plugin that will help build a virtual news network between news sites and independent journalists. This app will display more than news. It will act as a news archiving solution that aids journalists. Our applications and modules will help writers tell a great story by providing feedback, fact checking and access to our editorial board. Our Kickstarter backers will become the first editorial board and help mold the new tool set and business plan.

The application will also serve as a place to view topics and news articles. Building this new foundation and tool set will help attract more writers and viewers to the IMN portal.

Phase two:
Kickstarter 2 – News Magazine
This Kickstarter will build our subscriber base and help to launch both online and printed magazines. The team building aspects help to broaden our writing staff with real employment opportunities.

Phase three:
Kickstarter 3 – Radio Network
As our staff grows and topics increase, we can finally start up the radio network and begin producing the on air shows and podcasts full of amazing bands with real stories from around the world.

Phase four:
Kickstarter 4 – IMN TV show
A natural progression will be to develop the stories for a TV show! By publishing a channel and creating content our network can grow without boundaries. If we can raise enough funds, this phase will include launching our own Roku channel as well as online channels like youtube and vimeo.


When we make it this far, time to go all the way!! After launching a Roku channel the next step is broadcast TV and Radio. If this phase is accepted we can buy old radio and TV stations and broadcast live music and events..with your help we have no boundaries!!


two parts:
We are building a WordPress plugin and mobile application that collects information and helps a writer to format an article. The second aspect involves building a team of editors and writers that will help layout the infrastructure and ground work for team building.

For the people by the people, we are building a mobile news application that is open source and built from community support and involvement. The model in development will have a custom fact checking interface and story validity meter built into the articles. We are developing an editorial board that will aid in story development. With funds, we can work on in-depth stories and research projects that are becoming a lost art.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN ONLINE? WHO OWNS INDIEMUSICNEWS.COM? launched in 2003-4 the first working news system started in 2006. Darrin Nupuf and Proimages Communications started the Musicgroups Network systems in 1996 and launched in early 1999. IMN is a separate entity that will run independent of the music network and will feed NEWS and PRODUCED content into our music and arts network. The network of over 200 sites is being re-developed and is in the process of a full re-launch of a revolutionary network solution for artists and content producers.

Please send us your questions for inclusion:

We wanted to include shares but that is not allowed by Kickstarter. We are developing some great reward items for the Kickstarter backers with high quality shirts, hats and cool coffee mugs. The most understated aspect is the fine art greeting cards being prepared by Darrin Nupuf exclusively for this project. Once we have a final count Darrin Nupuf will be releasing a minimum of 12 unpublished art works. An additional collection maybe added if we get a large turn out of supporters. Most of our rewards include the fine art greeting card collection. These works will be hand picked exclusively for our Kickstarter backers. The high end offers are for companies interested in mergers and inclusion in building this great News network! The open source application and the tools needed for public news production will be available after our June launch.


No. We are building a new mobile application from the ground up. You are a part of that process as well as each phase from development to completion. This campaign is to help fund the platform and bring the finished design of this new mobile data collection application to the people. The first version will work as a combined mobile application and WordPress plug-in. The early versions of the working prototype is estimated to be available in 2-3 months from successful funding completion and the final version is estimated for June 2013 release.